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Transit - Managing Guarantees

Sequoia v1.0 onwards

From 14th January 2021, transit declarations must include an accurate guarantee reference amount for guarantee types 0, 1, 2, 4 and 9 in both GB and NI Transit Systems.

In exceptional circumstances, where you are unable to determine the guarantee reference amount, the Common Transit Convention allows the amount to be fixed at 10,000 euros for each transit operation.

For guarantee types 0, 1, 2, 4 and 9 where no reference amount is contained within the transit declaration the system will automatically add the equivalent of 10,000 euros in sterling.

This page describes the process by which Sequoia will automatically calculate reference amounts and add them to transit declarations for you.

Configuring Guarantees

To configure transit guarantees, select Data > NCTS > Transit Guarantee from the main Sequoia toolbar at the top of the application (as shown below).

Transit Guarantee configuration

This will display the list of guarantees already configured.

Transit Guarantee list

Click [New] to create a new guarantee record.

New Transit Guarantee

The Guarantee Reference drop down list will display all guarantee references that have been setup within NCTS Profiles. Please refer to Transit (NCTS) Configuration for information on NCTS Profiles.

To view or edit an existing record, select it in the list and click [Open]. The guarantee information will be shown in the editor below.

Transit Guarantee details

The above illustration shows the guarantee amount changing periodically. Click the icon at the top of the list of Guarantee Amounts to add updated details.

Automatically adding a calculated amount to a declaration

The guarantee record editor has a checkbox labelled Add guarantee to NCTS declarations, as highlighted in the image below.

Transit Guarantee details

If you tick that box (and then Save the record), then Sequoia will attempt to automatically calculate and insert the calculated amount into any subsequent declarations you create.

This is only possible if you have linked export shipments and/or consolidations to the transit movement prior to creating the transit declaration and the jobs associated to those shipments have declarations linked to them.

Sequoia will use the information contained in the export declarations for those export jobs to calculate the reference amount. It does this by referencing the electronic tariff for each commodity code declared and using the standard (third country) duty and standard VAT rate to calculate potential revenue based on the statistical value.

This calculation is only possible if the electronic tariff includes the standard duty rate for the commodity code declared.

See Creating a Transit Movement for more details.

Adding Reference amounts to a declaration

There is no specific box to declare the numeric reference amount in a transit declaration. Instead, details are declared in a Special Mentions statement at item level in box 44.

The information is declared as follows:

  • Special Mentions Code = CAL
  • Additional Information = Calculated liability + Currency code + guarantee reference number


  • Calculated liability = the numeric reference amount, to 2 decimal places - e.g. 12345.67 in the below example
  • Currency code = e.g. GBP in the below example
  • Guarantee reference number = e.g. 20GB00000109GB0000010000 in the below example

Additional Information Example - 12345.67GBP20GB00000109GB0000010000

You can manually declare a reference amount by adding a Special Mentions statement in the above format if the amount has not been calculated automatically for you.

You can check whether Sequoia is configured to automatically calculate reference amounts before you create the declaration.

From the NCTS Movement editor, click [Guarantee] on the toolbar at the top of the form (as highlighted below).

NCTS Transit Movement editor

This will display the Movement Guarantee editor (as shown below).

NCTS Movement Guarantee editor

Note the image above shows the guarantee without any shipments or consolidations present on the transit movement, and therefore there is no information populated on the Items list on the form.

See below for information about adding items etc.

If there is a tick in the checkbox labelled 'Add guarantee to NCTS declarations' then the reference amount will be calculated automatically and added to the declaration.

If not, then just tick the box and then click [Save & Close] on the toolbar at the top left of the form.

If Sequoia is configured to add guarantee reference amounts to transit declarations, then this will be done automatically if you have linked export shipments and/or consolidations to the transit movement.

See Linking consignments to a transit movement for more information.