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ASM Online Services - Overview

ASM Online Services

ASM Online Services is our new web-based platform that allows you to perform certain functions outside of Sequoia. These functions currently include:

  • HMRC Government Gateway authorisations (CDS, TDR and NCTS).
  • Export Consolidation (associating and disassociating UCRs and MUCRs, and closing MUCRs).

Some of you may already be familiar with parts of the site as you will have used it to authorise Sequoia through HMRC's Government Gateway.

Most organisations will already have one or more people set up as an administrator. These people will have received an invite from ASM to sign up for ASM Online Services. An administrator has the ability to invite new users to ASM Online Services, and to allocate them either an Administrator role, or a role that allows for Export Consolidation only.

If your organisation does not yet have an account for ASM Online Services then contact the ASM Service Desk who will be able to advise of next steps.

Creating a new ASM Online Services account

To create your ASM Online Service account, click on the link you were sent in the invitation email.

When you sign in for the fist time you will be prompted to create a password for your account.


The User Name will be your email address, and this must be unique. It should prepopulate on the website from the link that we send you.

You will need to enter your first name, your last name, and then create and confirm a password.

Signing into your ASM Online Services account

Once your account has been created then you can sign into your ASM User Account.

Go to ASM Online Services


If you have forgotten your credentials then click on the I've forgotten my credentials link to reset your password. Your Username will be the email address that you originally used to create the account.

Once you are successfully signed in you will be taken to the home page:


For more information on the different sections available go to:

ASM Online Services - HMRC Authorisations
ASM Online Services - Export Consolidation
ASM Online Services - User Management