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API - Character Sets

Character Sets

Whilst it is possible to restrict the inclusion of characters in schema definitions by specifying pattern constraints against data element definitions, this is not enforced on all data elements in all schema definitions published as part of the Sequoia API.

It should be noted that much of this API is concerned with exchanging declaration data with customs. As such there is an implied constraint in that such exchanges are performed using EDIFACT messages and that these are restricted to EDIFACT character set B.

There are methods available on the API - for example 'CreateCrmAccount' - that do not directly involve data exchange with customs. Therefore there are no pattern constraints on those data elements to restrict them to the EDIFACT B character set.

However, methods that create declarations can reference a CRM account that has been created using the above method. Therefore, great care should be taken when passing data to Sequoia, to avoid using characters that are not in the list below, even where no such pattern constraint is applied at data element level in the schema.

EDIFACT Character Set B - Allowable characters

The table below lists the characters allowed by EDIFACT Character Set B.

Description Example
Letters, upper case A to Z
Letters, lower case a to z
Numerals 0 to 9
Space character
Full stop .
Comma ,
Hyphen/minus sign -
Opening parentheses (
Closing parentheses )
Oblique stroke (slash) /
Apostrophe '
Plus sign +
Colon :
Equals sign =
Question mark ?
Exclamation mark !
Quotation mark "
Percentage sign %
Ampersand &
Asterisk *
Semi-colon ;
Less-than sign <
Greater-than sign >