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Imports - Creating an Ocean Import Job & Declaration

Sequoia v1.0

Creating an Ocean Import Job

Open the Ocean Jobs folder in the Imports module. Right click anywhere in the right hand panel and select New from the context menu.

This will display the New Job dialog (as shown below).

Create a new job

If you select this from the main Sequoia toolbar then the job icons you see on the dialog will include those for imports and exports. If you right click on the job lists, then you will only see the import (air, road and ocean) job icons.

First, specify the type of job you are creating, by clicking the Road Import icon - just above the Reference box.

Then fill in the information in the boxes as detailed in the table below.

Label Information required
Reference Enter the job reference here.
Note: You can configure Sequoia to automatically generate job references for you. If you have done that then you can leave the reference blank and one will be automatically generated for you.
Customer You must specify the customer for each job in Sequoia.
You can enter either the shortcode, name or EORI (TIN) number to identify them.
Relationships Sequoia will remember relationships for a customer - i.e. where you have previously created jobs specifying the same consignor and consignee. You can click the Dropdown to the right of this box to display a list of previously used relationships. Alternatively you can key in the details of each party or leave them blank and fill them in later.

Once you have filled in the correct information, click [OK] to create the job. This will then display the job editor form (as illustrated below).

The job editor

Create a new job

  1. Add Shipment details, if required
    • Click 'New Shipment'
    • The Shipment editor will open
    • Complete the Shipment details Completing a shipment
      • Category - Master or House
      • Master B/L - will populate 'Previous Documents' [40]
      • House B/L - will populate 'Previous Documents' [40]
      • Carrier
      • Vessel
      • Voyage & Date
      • Container Numbers - will populate 'Containers' [31]
    • Click 'Save' to go back to Job

Creating an Import Declaration

  1. On the job form click 'Declaration'
  2. Select the type of declaration to be completed
  3. Click 'Create'
  4. Complete the Declaration as required Completing
  5. Click on 'Send'
  6. The Job will update with the Customs response; in this case Acceptance An acceptance response displayed on a job
  7. Any Customs reports produced will be saved to the 'Documents' page The documents tab on the job screen
    • Click 'Open' to view as PDF and print if required
    • Click 'Email' to open a new email with the selected documents attached
    • Drag & drop any additional documents into 'Document Store'
    • Drag & drop any report out to a folder location or open email

Mark as Cleared

The CNS and MCP inventories are not linked to Sequoia. Once you have confirmed the declaration is cleared via the CNS/MCP website manually set your declaration as cleared to allow it to clear down from the ocean import list

  1. Right click the declaration's task
  2. Select 'Set as Cleared'
    Marking as cleared
  3. The Declaration will update to 'Accepted and cleared'
  4. After approximately 8 days this will finalise and be removed from the 'Ocean Jobs' list