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API - Usage Methods

API Usage Methods

The list below gives a brief description of each supported method exposed by the Sequoia API. The 'version' column indicates in which version of the software the method was introduced.

Each method is further described in the following section.

Airline Messaging

Method Description
SendFhlMessage Transmits an FHL (Air Manifest data) message to an airline
SendFwbMessage Transmits an FWB (Air Waybill data) message to an airline


Method Description
CreateConsolidation Creates a consolidation.
DeleteConsolidation Deletes a consolidation.
UpdateConsolidation Updates an existing consolidation

CCS-UK Inventory

Method Description
GetAgentInventoriesFromDate Gets a summary list of agent inventory records modified or created from a specified data.
GetAgentInventoryRecord Gets a specific agent inventory record given its natural key.


Method Description
CreateCrmAccount Creates a CRM Account.
GetUniqueCrmAccount Method to retrieve details of a CRM account record
UpdateCrmAccount Updates an existing CRM Account.

Declaration (CHIEF)

Method Description
AmendAcceptedExportGbDeclaration Amends an accepted export declaration.
AmendAcceptedImportGbDeclaration Amends an accepted import declaration.
CreateExportGbDeclaration Creates an export declaration.
CreateFsdImportGbDeclaration Creates a final supplementary declaration (FSD) for CFSP.
CreateImportGbDeclaration Creates an import declaration.
DeleteGbDeclaration Deletes a declaration.
GetCustomsReportDeclarationResponse Gets the full data for a specified declaration and report type.
GetFrontierDeclarationResponse Gets specific declaration response data.
GetFullAcceptedDeclarationResponse Gets the full response data for an accepted declaration.
GetGbDeclaration Gets declaration data.
GetGbDeclarationErrorResponseList Gets the error response(s) for the given declaration.
GetGbDeclarationFromTemplate Gets template (full or item only) data formatted as a declaration.
GetGbDeclarationReportList Gets a list of available reports for the specified declaration.
GetGbDeclarationsModifiedSince Gets a list of declarations modified (or created) since the specified date/time.
SendGbDeclaration Send a declaration.
SendGbDeclarationCancellation Sends a declaration cancellation request.
UpdateExportGbDeclaration Updates an existing export declaration.
UpdateImportGbDeclaration Updates an existing import declaration.
ValidateGbDeclaration Validates an existing declaration.


Method Description
AddEtsfHouseConsignment Adds a single ETSF House air waybill to an existing consolidation or basic consignment (adding to a Basic will automatically convert the Basic to a Consolidation Master record).
CreateEtsfConsignment Creates an ETSF (formerly ERTS) inventory consignment record.
CreateEtsfPreArrivalConsignment Creates an ETSF (formerly ERTS) pre-arrival inventory consignment record.
DeleteEtsfConsignment Deletes an ETSF inventory record.
GetEtsfConsignment Gets details of an ETSF inventory record.
MaintainEtsfSplitConsignment Create/extend/delete ETSF split consignment records.
UpdateEtsfConsignment Updates an ETSF record
UpdateEtsfPrearrivalConsignment Updates a Pre-arrival ETSF record

Export Messaging

Method Description
ArriveExportGbDeclaration Arrive an export declaration in DEP
AssociateDucrToMucr Sends a UKCINV message to CHIEF to associate a DUCR to a MUCR
CloseMucr Sends a UKCINV message to CHIEF to close a MUCR
DisassociateDucrFromMucr Sends a UKCINV message to CHIEF to disassociate a DUCR from a MUCR


Method Description
AddReferenceToJob Adds a miscellaneous reference to a job.
CreateJob Creates a job.
CreateJobReferenceType Creates a Job Reference type, against which a miscellaneous reference can be specified and associated to a Job.
DeleteJob Deletes a job.
UpdateJob Updates an existing job.
Method Description
LinkJobToAgentInventory Links a job to an agent inventory record.
LinkJobToDeclaration Links a job to a declaration.
LinkJobToShipment Links a job to a shipment.
LinkShipmentToConsolidation Links a shipment to a consolidation
UnlinkJobFromAgentInventory Removes the existing link between a job and an agent inventory record.
UnlinkJobFromShipment Removes the existing link between a job and a shipment.


Method Description
CreateNctsDeclaration Creates an NCTS movement and declaration.
GetNctsDeclarationStatus Returns the current status of an NCTS declaration.
GetNctsTransitStatus Returns the current status of an NCTS movement.
SendNctsDeclaration Sends an existing NCTS declaration.


Method Description
CreateShipment Creates a shipment.
DeleteShipment Deletes a shipment.
UpdateShipment Updates an existing shipment.


Method Description
CreateWorksheet Creates a worksheet.
GetWorksheetReport Gets a detailed item level report based on a worksheet.
GetWorksheetsModifiedWithinDateRange Gets a list of worksheets modified within a date range.

Process Flow Service Methods

The following methods will help to programmatically automate Sequoia functionality.

Sequoia v1.74



Payload Schema / Return value
Request: None
Response (success): .xsd
Response (failure):
Sequoia v1.74


Commits the specified transactions

Payload Schema / Return value
Request: None
Response (success): .xsd
Response (failure):

Example Batch Processing

The following is an example of the BatchProcess service request where data from successful responses to individual service requests is used to seed a subsequent request.
This example uses XPath to parse data from successful responses and to store the required information into variables which are then used to replace the information in the subsequent request.
The example is based on creating a job (CreateJob), a declaration (CreateImportGbDeclaration) and then linking both the job and declaration together (LinkJobToDeclaration).

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<this:batch xmlns:this=""
    <this:message request="CreateJob">
        <![CDATA[<jobHeader xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" JobHeader.xsd" xmlns:nsAccount="" xmlns:nsAccAddr="">
    <nsAccount:name>API Test Customer Ltd</nsAccount:name>
      <nsAccAddr:street1>123 New Street</nsAccAddr:street1>
      <nsAccAddr:description>Test description</nsAccAddr:description>
        <this:parseInstruction xPath="" variableName="@JOBREFERENCE@" />
    <this:message request="CreateImportGbDeclaration">
        <![CDATA[<importDeclaration xmlns="">
    <code xmlns="">BOB</code>
    <location xmlns="">
      <iataPortCode xmlns="">LHR</iataPortCode>
    <currencyCode xmlns="">GBP</currencyCode>
        <this:parseInstruction xPath="//*[local-name() = 'declarationIdentifier']/*[local-name() = 'declarationIdentity']/*[local-name() = 'declarationUcr']" variableName="@DUCR@" />
    <this:message request="LinkJobToDeclaration">
        <![CDATA[<linkJobToDeclaration xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" LinkJobToDeclaration.xsd" xmlns:nsJobIdentityType="" xmlns:nsDeclarationIdentityType="">
        <this:replaceInstruction variableName="@JOBREFERENCE@" />
        <this:replaceInstruction variableName="@DUCR@" />
Sequoia v1.74


Commits the specified transactions

Payload Schema / Return value
None - see WSDL for service description.
Pass the TransactionId to the method.
An array of any errors will be populated in the response XML.
Sequoia v1.74


Gets the API version number

Payload Schema / Return value
Request: None
Response (success): ApiVersionNumber.xsd
Response (failure):
Sequoia v1.74


Retrieves events raised by Sequoia. Note that this method is not available for services where there is a callback channel as these events will get reported directly to the registered callback method in that case. This method will return a maximum of 50 distinct event notifications for one query. This method can be re-queried to bring back further event notifications in page sizes of 50 notifications. If there are no events available, an XML file matching the schema but containing an empty collection of events is returned. Events will not be duplicated - for example if a user saves a job 3 times within ten seconds, there will only be one 'job updated' event returned by subsequently calling this service method.

Payload Schema / Return value
Request: None
Response (success): EventsResponse.xsd
Response (failure):
Sequoia v1.74


Creates an authenticated session within which an application can invoke methods on the API service.

None - see WSDL for service description. Usage Pass username and password to this method. An array of any errors will be populated in the response XML.

Sequoia v1.74


Method to look up an entity based on a code or reference. Currently only supports an air carrier based on its master air waybill prefix.

Payload Schema / Return value
Request: LookupRequest.xsd
Response (success): LookupResponse.xsd
Response (failure): See Error Reporting above
Sequoia v1.74


Rollback the specified transactions.

Payload Schema / Return value
None - see WSDL for service description.

Pass TransactionId to this method.