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Air Carrier Electronic Air Waybills

If an Air Carrier can receive electronic Air Waybill data their standing data record must be configured.

ASM can add these details centrally and your system will then pull down the updates automatically but you are able to add these details yourself if required.

Open the Air Carrier record from the Air Carriers list to display the editor (refer to Standing Data).

Air Carrier eAWB

[Send FHL] should be enabled if they can receive house air waybill data.

[Send FWB] should be enabled if they can receive master air waybill data.

The corresponding [FHL PIMA] and [FWB PIMA] addresses should also be completed.

In the case of [Send FWB] being enabled, the FWB message version number should also be added.

The air carrier or CCS-UK will be able to supply this information.

Click the [Save] button on completion.

If you do need to add an address for a particular record, please contact ASM with the details so that the central repository can also be updated.