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ASM Online Services - User Management

ASM Online Services

In this section you can invite new users within your organisation to join ASM Online Services. Current functionality allows for an invited user to be either an Administrator or an Export-only user.

Administrators have the ability to authorise HMRC and to invite other users to join, as well as perform Export Consolidation tasks.

Export-only users are able to perform Export consolidation tasks only.

Select User Management

Once you have signed into ASM Online Services you will be taken to the home page where you should select the User Management module.

User Management

Invite New User

Clicking on this module will then take you to the following page where you can send an invite for a new user to join ASM Online Services:

User Management

Enter the email of the user you wish to invite into the appropriate field.

If the new user is designated for Export Consolidation tasks only, then make sure you leave the Make Administrator unchecked.

If you want to invite someone to be an administrator, so that they can authorise your organisation with HMRC and invite new users, then please ensure you tick the box.

Once you are satisfied that the information you have entered is correct then click the Send button and an email will be generated and sent to the new user you have invited.