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Declaration Status

Sequoia v1.0

Declaration Status Table

The table below clarifies the different definitions of the status messages you will receive from Sequoia and how they might correspond to what is happening in CHIEF.

Sequoia Status Status Description
Created Declaration has been created but not processed or sent
Awaiting transmission File has been sent and is awaiting transmission.
Submitted File has been submitted to CHIEF. This is the initial state when you click [Send], prior to actually getting a response from CHIEF
Accepted Accepted means that the arrived declaration is valid and CHIEF has allocated an entry number. This happens prior to any controls being applied.For imports accepted would be the initial status for an arrived declaration. There is always a 'timeout' for an import frontier declaration prior to it updating to cleared.
Accepted and detained The declaration is valid, but the goods have been detained. Normally detained is wherever the goods are located when customs physically detain the goods.
Accepted and permitted to progress This status is specific to exports and should occur as soon as the declaration is accepted. Equivalent to 'Accepted' for Imports.
Accepted and departed Declaration is confirmed to have been exported.
Accepted and released to Queen's warehouse Customs auction of unclaimed goods
Accepted and finalised Customs status: ICS 06. Defined by HMRC as finalised after 6 months. Relates to inventory clear down.
Accepted and seized Declaration accepted, goods seized.
Accepted and destroyed Declaration accepted, goods destroyed.
Accepted and cleared Clearance is implied for air imports where the inventory record linked to the declaration is released. For ocean or road imports - or other non-inventory linked - clearance has to be manually set by the user as CHIEF does not notify the declarant of clearance.
Lodged Pre-lodged Export or Import declaration has been completed.
Lodged and queried Pre-lodged declaration completed but Customs have requested clarification of certain details.
Lodged and detained Pre-lodged declaration detained at border (unlikely to occur as the goods are not presented).
Lodged and awaiting deletion Pre-lodged declaration awaiting deletion. This should only occur momentarily, until the deletion confirmation is received in response.
Cancellation requested Cancellation for declaration has been requested.
Errors reported There have been reported errors with the declaration and the sending has failed. This normally results from the declaration being rejected by CHIEF or sometimes a CSP
Accepted with errors This is rare. Possibly to do with route F.
Lodged with errors This is rare. Possibly to do with route F.
Transmission failed Declaration has failed to send from the Sequoia system.
Cancellation requested awaiting transmission The request for cancellation is waiting to send.
Lodged and awaiting cancellation Pre-lodged declaration awaiting cancellation.
Accepted and awaiting cancellation Accepted declaration awaiting cancellation.
Lodged and cancellation refused This is unlikely to occur for a pre-lodged declaration.
Accepted and cancellation Refused For an arrived declaration, any request to cancel requires manual intervention from customs. This can be granted or refused. Refusal might be due to some control still required to be performed or an ongoing investigation.
Accepted and queried This state is set as a result of a query being issued by customs, through CHIEF.
Inventory failure The inventory record referenced in the declaration is not in a state that allows the declaration to be submitted, or the number of packages declared is wrong or the inventory record is nominated to a badge different to that through which the declaration is submitted.