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Exports - Creating an OLE Declaration

Sequoia v1.0

Creating an OLE Declaration

An Offline Entry is a declaration that has been completed by another agent. This is used if the declaration is to be used on a shipment or consolidation created by you or is to be arrived in your DEP.

  1. Create or open an existing Air Export Job
  2. Complete initial Job Details
    • Ensure 'Air Export' type is selected
    • 'Reference'
      • Can be left blank if using Automatic Job referencing (contact ASM Helpdesk for more information)
    • 'Customer'
      • Type Shortcode, TIN or Account name
      • Use Lookup '...' or type '?' to view existing CRM list
      • Use to add a one of customer or create a new CRM record
    • 'Relationships' Sequoia will automatically save previously used Consignor and Consignee's
      • Select to select a previously saved Consignor/Consignee relationship
      • Type in existing consignor and/or consignee
      • If consignor or consignee do not exist leave blank
  3. Click 'OK' to create job
  4. Complete Full Job details as required
    • Customs Authorisation Ref is a Fallback only option (see Fallback guide for more information
  5. Create 'New Shipment' if required (if not jump to step 7
    • Set 'Category' from drop down list
    • Complete the AWB you've created on air export job
    • Set 'Category'
    • Master AWB
      • Manually type Air Waybill number or
      • Use saved AWB stock
      • Once the Master AWB is completed the MUCR & the carrier code will automatically populate
    • House AWB
      • Can be set to match the Job reference
    • Flight details
      • Enter Flight number
      • Date
        • Press 'spacebar' to enter today's date
        • Select to select from calendar view
    • All other details will populate from Job but can be manually changed if required
  6. Click 'Save' will take you back to the Main Job screen
  7. Select the 'Declaration' button within the 'Customs Action' task
  8. Double click 'OLE (Offline Entry)'
  9. Complete the OLE information
    • UCR
    • UCR Part Number
    • Badge
      • Select from drop down list of available badges
  10. Click on 'Send'
  11. The UCR details will be validated
  12. If a current DUCR exists, the Job will update with the current customs status.
  13. Any changes to the declaration on CHIEF will not be updated automatically on the OLE. To refresh the declaration changes, a new OLE request will need to be sent
    • Double click the customs action to open the OLE
    • Click 'Send'
  14. Any changes will be shown in the Customs Status