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Imports - Query CCS-UK

Sequoia v1.0

Querying CCS-UK from an Inventory Record

  1. Select the record to be queried from the 'Agent Inventory' list
  2. Right Click and Select 'Query CCS-UK Central Database...'
    Agent Inventory List
  3. The Air Waybill details will automatically populate
    AWB details
  4. Click 'Query'

Querying a record not shown in CCS-UK Inventory

  1. Click 'Agent' on the Toolbar
  2. Select 'Query' then 'Query CCS-UK Central database...'
    Manual Query
  3. Type in the Shed & airport (if known) and the Full Air Waybill (Prefix & number)
    Fill in AWB details
  4. Click on 'Query'

Query Responses

  1. Record found on CCS-UK
    Matching consignment response
  2. Record not found on CCS-UK
    No Matching consignment response