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CDS Errors

Errors reported by CDS are displayed in Sequoia in the CDS Declaration Errors dialog (as shown below).

CDS Errors dialog

This will display one or more Error Messages in a list, and potentially one or more Additional Information details in a list below the error messages.

These errors are generated by the CDS declaration processing application.

Unfortunately the ASM Helpdesk is unable to assist with these errors. We can not advise you how to complete a customs declaration.

Getting help with CDS errors

CDS errors displayed in Sequoia will include an error code as indicated below. This is normally a number, prefixed with CDS.

CDS Error Code value

There is Guidance on CDS error codes on

Alternatively, you should contact HMRC as follows:

When contacting HMRC as above, you should include the declaration MRN in your communications with them. This is true even if the declaration has not been accepted. The MRN is displayed on the CDS Declaration Errors dialog (as shown below).