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Choosing between SAD Box Numbers or Data Elements

Sequoia v6.2 onwards

The CDS declaration editors are designed to show SAD box numbers by default rather than the CDS data element numbers.

Following customer requests, the ability to change the editors to display data elements has been added. Individual users can decide which display they would prefer.

From within any declaration editor, click the Tools button as shown below.

Image highlighting the Tools menu button on a full import declaration editor

Click the Toggle Labels option in the drop-down list.

Image highlighting the Toggle Labels option within the Tools menu drop-down list

You will be prompted to confirm that you want to change the declaration editors to display data element labels. If you are happy to proceed, click the Change Labels button.

Image showing a prompt to change the declaration editor labels to show data elements

The changes will take place when you next open or create a CDS declaration. The change applies to all import and export CDS declarations and affects opening a previously saved declaration or creating a new one.

The change is on a per-user basis and will be remembered by Sequoia.

You can revert to SAD box numbers at any time by following the process above and you will be prompted accordingly:

Image showing a prompt to change the declaration editor labels to SAD box numbers

Again, click the Change Labels button to confirm.