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Archiving Upgrade

Upgrading the Archiving Web Service

Upgrading the service is a straightforward process which involves running the latest version of the Windows installer file and resetting the Windows service account for the application. The steps to upgrade are listed below.

Administrative rights will be needed to run the installer.

  • The ASM Archiving Service must be stopped before upgrading the application.
  • Go to Microsoft Services, right-click the ASM Archiving Service and click stop.

Windows Service

  • Download and run the latest ASM.Archiving.Installer.msi
  • When the upgrade has completed, the setup window will open (shown below) with the current application settings.

Setup Page

  • Set the ASM Archiving Service account to the Sequoia service account by clicking the user icon in the Service Configuration section shown below.
  • Click the green service start button to start the ASM Archiving Service.

Service Configuration

  • Click the [Save] button to exit the configuration.

To contact the ASM Helpdesk, go to the ASM Service Desk Portal