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CRM - Other Options

Sequoia v1.0

Add Client Contacts

  1. To add contact information for your CRM record
    • Select 'Contacts' tab
    • Click 'New'
    • Complete the contact information
    • Click 'OK'
  2. Click 'Save on the CRM client record

Account notes

Useful information can be added to an alert when the CRM account is used. This is a free type field so the information can be defined by the users of Sequoia.

Create a new Alert

  1. Select 'New'
  2. Complete the subject, what the alert is for
  3. Select when the Alert should pop up
  4. Complete the Notes you would like to pop up (approx. 150 characters)
  5. Set the level
  6. Set the expiry date (if required)
  7. Click 'OK'

Note Alert

When the Alert criteria is met the Account note will popup within Sequoia.


Prior to 2005 NCTS was processed using a different TIN number; some companies still use the alternative TIN instead of their EORI number.

Highlight to default the CRM client as the Principle on NCTS movements when used.