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CRM - Creating a new CRM account

Sequoia v1.0

Create a new account via CRM module

  1. Open the CRM module
  2. Right click anywhere on the list of clients and select 'New'
  3. Complete 'Account' page
    • 'Short Code', unique identifier for client no spaces (required field)
    • 'Account Name' as it will appear on a declaration (required field)
    • 'Account Type', import and/or export
    • 'Country'
    • 'Default Currency Code'
    • 'TIN' clients EORI / TURN number
  4. Complete 'Addresses' page
    • Open 'Addresses' page
    • Click 'New'
    • Complete address details
    • Click 'OK'
  5. Multiple addresses can be added for example, if another address is required for collection & delivery Notes
    • Click 'New'
    • Complete address details
    • Tick relevant 'Address Types'
    • Click 'OK'
  6. Click 'Save'

Create a new CRM account via Job form

  1. Create a 'New Job'
  2. Click on Customer/Consignee/Consignor field(s)
  3. Complete account details
  4. Click 'Add to CRM'
  5. Complete 'Short Code'
  6. Click 'OK'