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CRM - Configuring Declarant Account

Sequoia v1.0

How to set CRM Client to be Declarant on all entries

  1. Open the Declarant record from the 'CRM' module
    • Right Click the right hand screen, select 'New'
    • Double click the declarant record to open
  2. Ensure the 'Account' tab information is completed, including a valid TIN number
  3. Set the 'Primary Address' that will appear on declarations
  4. Select 'Declarations' Tab,
    • Select the tick box 'Default to Declarant on Declaration' to automatically set the declarant on all declarations
    • Set 'Default Country'
  5. Click 'Save'

Set Deferment details for Declarant

  1. Open or create the declarant record from 'CRM' module
  2. Select 'Declarations' tab
    a. Set DAN Prefix
    b. Set DAN Number
  3. Select the tick box for: 'Always use DAN on import declaration' to automatically add the declarant deferment details to import declarations when the declarant is used
  4. Click 'Save'