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CRM - Client Relationships

Sequoia v1.0

Client Relationships

When a client is used to build up a new Job, Sequoia will automatically save the Customer, Consignor & Consignee used. This will be saved in the client CRM record in the 'Client Relationships' tab.
The next time you create a Job with the client as the Customer the 'New Job' form will offer a drop down list of saved relationships.

If the relationship is selected it will add the Consignor & Consignee in to the job.

Manage Relationships

  1. Double click the Customer's CRM record (located in the CRM module)
  2. Select the 'Client Relationships'
  3. Delete relationship
    • Click 'Delete' button
    • Confirm deletion
  4. Amend existing
    • Click 'Open'
    • Make any changes to the relationship
    • Click 'OK'
  5. Manually create new relationship
    • Click 'New'
    • Select the Customer, Consignee & Consignor
      • Use Lookup '...' or type '?' to view existing CRM list
      • Highlight client
      • Click 'OK'
    • Incoterms and valuation method & adjustment details can be added for reference only.
    • Click 'OK'
  6. Click 'Save' on CRM client