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CFSP - Final Supplementary Declaration (FSD)

Sequoia v1.0

CRM Client Configuration

  1. Open Client record from CRM module
  2. Select 'Declarations' Tab
  3. Ensure 'Authorised CFSP Trader' is enabled CRM Configuration
  4. Select checkbox for 'Requires Final & Supplementary declarations' to enable automatic count for FSD:
    • If you are only authorised to complete supplementary declarations for the CFSP customer only tick 'Requires Supplementary Declarations'
    • If you are authorised to complete the FSD for the CFSP customer, tick 'Required Final supplementary Declaration'
    • If you are authorised to do both for the CFSP customer please tick both
  5. Set 'Default CPC codes' for various declaration types to default on the declaration automatically
  6. Click on 'Save'

Creating Final Supplementary Declaration

  1. Select the FSD (final supplementary declaration) folder, located in the 'Customs' module
  2. Right click within the right hand window, select 'New' New FSD menu selection
  3. Select the 'Reporting period' & Authorised Trader
  4. Click 'Calculate'
  5. The ISD and ISW 'Due' and 'Accepted' totals will be shown, ensure these are correct.
    If there is a declaration that can't be included in the months count, remove the tick from the check box in 'Included' column. FSD calculation screen
  6. Click 'Create FSD' to generate your final declaration
  7. Check details and ensure count is listed on each item in [Box 44] AI Statements
  8. Click on 'Send'