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CFSP - Create SFD and Link ISD declaration

Sequoia v1.0

Configuring CFSP Traders

To complete CFSP entries for a customer you will need to configure the CRM client and define what declarations you will be completing.

Set Trader & Default CPC codes

  1. Open the CRM Client and select 'Declarations' page.
  2. Complete the:
    • 'Authorised CFSP trader'
    • 'Requires Supplementary Declarations'
    • 'Requires Final Supplementary Declarations'
    • Set the default CPC for the various declaration types. Setting these will add the CPC to the declaration on creation.
  3. Click 'Save'
    Set default CPC codes in CRM

Setup Automatic AI Statements & Document Codes

Save AI statements and Document Codes that can be used in Declaration[s] where the CFSP Trader is used. Adding the CPC set earlier and ticking automatically insert will add the AI Statement / Document Code when the CPC is used.

  1. Open the CRM Client and select 'AI Statement' and/or 'Documents' page.
  2. Complete details
    Set AI Statement in CRM
  3. Click 'Save'

Save Warehouse Premises

Save 'Warehouse Premises' that will be used in Declaration[s] where goods will be put into warehouse.

  1. Open 'Data' toolbar
  2. Click 'Warehouse Premises'
    Select warehouse premises
  3. Click 'New'
    Warehouse Premises screen
  4. Complete the warehouse ID
  5. Complete the warehouse name and address
  6. Associate a Supervising Office to automatically be used when the warehouse is selected. If the Supervising Office will always be different leave this blank
  7. Click 'Save'

Create CFSP Frontier Simplified Declaration (SFD)

  1. Find CCS-UK Inventory record
  2. Right Click Inventory record to create 'New' Job
  3. Select SFD (CFSP Simplified Frontier Declaration)
    Create a declaration from the job
  4. Complete the declaration as required
    • CPC code will default to what was setup in CRM
    • The 'AI Statement' will default
    • Add Warehouse Premises & Supervising Office if putting into warehouse
      Put into warehousing regime
  5. Send Declaration
  1. Open the Job the SFD was created on
  2. From the Task header above Shipment Task, select 'New' > Customs Action Task
    New customs action task
    • This will add a second 'Declaration' task
      Second customs action task
  3. Click 'Declaration'
  4. Double click ISD (Supplementary Declaration for Imports)
  5. Complete as normal
    • The 'Acceptance Date/Time' defaults to the acceptance of the frontier (SFD)
    • Box [40] Previous Documents automatically adds the SFD entry details
      Previous documents
  6. Send Declaration